Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I don't know what to say

I don't know what to say,
I don't have words to say,
My words are blown away,
I don't know what to say.

I am sitting like a dumb,
Everything around me is numb,
I am searching for something to say,
I don't know what to say.

My mind is not in peace,
Where will I find this peace,
I am thinking what to say,
I don't know what to say.

Am I in a heaven or in a hell,
Am I in a pain or in a gain,
I don't know what is going around,
I don't know what to say,

Am I good or bad,
Am I glad or sad,
Is it a night or a day,
I don't know what to say.

Am I living or dying,
Am I landing or flying,
What is going on with me,
I don't know what to say.

Have I achieved or lost,
What do I like most,
How will I notice out,
I don't know what to say.

Still I don't know what to say,
I am searching for words to say,
I am wondering like a dumb,
I don't know what to say.

By: Pradeep Ahirwar

Thursday, June 9, 2011


What a moment it was, when my mother gave me birth,
Her eyes were with tears of bliss and happiness spreaded all around,
How she must have endured so much pain for my care and love.
This is what only a God can do and my God is mother,
I love you Mother.

She nurtured me every day and night to save from heat and cold,
How can I forget her immense love with blessings unfold,
I am nothing without her and my life will become void,
She is the only God live for my eyes and to be worshipped.
I love you Mother, I love you Mother.

By: Pradeep Ahirwar

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Poem (Why am I sent on earth)

Why am I sent on earth,
How may I refrain from re-birth,
Somehere I see a flow of relief,
Somewhere I see a blow of grief.
Why I can't see a reason of birth,
Why am I sent on earth,
How may I refrain from re-birth.

There is no unity in human beings,
Where is the divinity in them of God beings,
I cant see any colours of joy for future,
How will God help us to nurture.
I cant see a reason for birth
Why am I sent on earth,
How may I refrain from re-birth.

All are in need of wealth,
Why dont they seek for health,
No one is towards the path of salvation,
Then why not there wil be a starvation,
When will they realise the truth of birth,
I still cant see a reason for birth,
Why am I sent on earth,
How may I refrain from re-birth.

I cant see them suffering in pain,
I have no power to lift them up in gain,
God can only show them the right path in their brain,
I dont know when they will result in grain,
I bow down to God to refrain us from re-birth
Why am I sent on earth,
How may I refrain from re-birth.

By Pradeep Ahirwar

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fate and it's relation with life

Whenever we think something about our life we look to so many aspects related to life.We strive hard to achieve sucess, we depend on so many sources to accomplish our objectives of life. But while searching for so many things related to our life we must always consider one thing which plays a very vital role in the achievement of our goals and that is "FATE". We know that deeds plays a vital role too in avhievement of our goals but the remaining part is left with our fate which we need to understand and must agree with this that nothing is possible without both deeds and fate.

On this large planet there are many living beings and all are here to do something and to achieve something but some of them achieve and some of them don't despite all are striving hard. The fate is totally based on our past deeds and present deeds. What we did in our pre-birth life and what we are doing in our present birth life, based on these our fate works.That's why we should never blame God or anyone if anything is going against us.It's an outcome of what you did and what you are doing so better we must consider a lot about our deeds to improve our fate.If your deeds towards humanity, nature, yourself and God is good then your fate will favour you.Also to let you know that fate is too controlled by almighty God so he knows how to give and when to give and that too when our deeds are calculated by him.

We all are here to perform good deeds and we should perform this without any expectation.We should never rely on our fate beacuse fate is like, you never know when it will come to you and accomplish your wants and needs.So the time of fate is uncertain which no one knows and it comes suddenly. Whatever is there in our fate we will surely get and there is something in everyone's fate.So no one willl be dismayed or will be deprived of fate as God has given something to everyone in fate.But the only thing we should look upon is our deeds and our expectations.Never keep any expectations from anyone, whatever we deserve we are going to achieve it.I hope that you all will cope with my thoughts and try to understand and follow with what I say as I am being doing this since last few months through my blog.I would wish you all a better fate in your life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I am born on this earth?

Whenever I am alone I wonder that why we all are on this earth and what our aims are, that we all have been given life on this earth.God has given life to all of us and we all are here because we wanted to be here for some or other purposes.God has assigned us to play our roles and we are here to just complete that.

First of all we all are aware that we all are born on this earth, we do everything what we like and we just don't understand that why we are here, and what we should do as our prime duty.We are here not just to enjoy our life in our own way but we need to understand some important  facts which should be followed by all of us.We are here not to earn money for ourselves, not to just fulfill our own needs, not to destroy elements created by him. Whatever we earn through our hard work we should first dedicate to God because of whom we get energy, mind, and knowledge to produce optimum income.After that we should dedicate some part of our income to poor animals and human beings which are left deprived of food and clothes.So it's our prime duty to fulfill their needs first and then fulfill our own.I know it's easy to write or say such things but it's even easy if you follow(If you think it's difficult the it will be difficult but nothing is difficult so just make it easy and do it). Just think for once what if, you devote your part of income to those, they will give blessings and their blessings will help you to win their hearts and this way you can win the heart of God.This is how the cycle goes from rich to poor and from poor to God.And finally you will reach to God.

Once again I would say that we all are playing our roles, whether we do hard work or whatever but everything was already decided by God and he only gives us the power and knowledge to do everything.So we should not think that we have done something by ourselves, though we have to act to achieve something but the acting part is too controlled or managed by him.I beleive in God and I know that every human being on this earth is gifted with special talent which is different from others.So we should utilise it to full extent.He has given us the power to act, mind to think, knowledge to analyse and behave.So we should make a good use of all these for the betterment of others.Always learn to live for others, if you live for yourself then your life is void and if you live for others your life will have a good weightage of something you did.Because life means only when you live for others.What is life if you live for yourself and not thinking about others.This is what life is and we must know how to behave when we are born here.We are born on this earth to do good, think good and always help others and live for them in their need.

I am here for this purpose and I will do my job as assigned by him(God) and will peform my duties well. I would like you all to follow the same and you all too perform your duties as assigned, don't think about you as a human being just think that you are here to do something in life as if you are a special human being god has created for others.So think this way and I can't express and speak out here that how it will conclude.This is a feeling you can feel only when you follow the above things and share with others.I hope this will help you all to know something about life and hopefully you will follow it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Important thoughts for life.

Here are some important thoughts to follow in life:

First love yourself to know how to love others.

Never hurt anyone's feelings because in the end it hurts us too.

Have an attitude of love,kind and peace, you will feel an essence of God.

Whenever an opportunity knocks a door go ahead, you never know that opportunity can turn into a miracle.

Success is a path where you will find troubles, obstacles and thornes but once you overcome all these then it can be full of treasuries, happiness and flowers.

Don't hesitate to help someone if you can provide a help inspite of, a seeker is your friend or enemy.

Love animals, Love nature, Love human beings because God is present in all so if you love them then you love God.

Never use "I", or "Me" because we are nothing to do anything for anyone in this world.All the activities are done by him(creator of world) using us as a mere instrument.

Nature is in me and I am by nature but who knows that we are by nature,not nature by us.

A sacred man is away from sinful thoughts but a sinful man do possess some sacred thoughts because a sinful person can once follow a sacred path and once he follows a sacred path he doesn't move towards a path of sin.
A feeling of God is bliss, love, peace, kind, generous, loyal, trust and patience.So, if you feel all these then you can feel God.

Never expect anything in return because whatever we do is our prime duty and we must follow without any expectation of results.                              

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Life? Is life a gift or a curse from God?

Life is a natural process created by nature for the functioning of this world by all living beings on this earth.Life is like a wax which we can mould in any shape as we want. It's a challenging thing but once our mind is determinant and adamant then we can give a proper shape to our life as how life should be.

Now the question whether life is a gift or a curse from God? I guess that most of them will answer to this as "Life is a gift for some of them because they have acheived everything what they wanted in their life.While some of them feel as "Life is a curse from God because they are deprived of what they want or they dont get what they expect in their life.But my answer is that God never curse or punish us. He is the one to love and show us the right path and if we don't follow the right path then obviously we are going to face something which is not certain.So, we should not blame God or anyone if anything happens wrong in our life.Whenever something happens or occurs in our life, we should first observe that why it's happening with us.If there's anything good happening in our life then this indicates that we are achieving what we had sown.And the same thing applies to, if anything bad happens with us and vice-versa.So, we should always remeber that no one is responsible for anything good or bad happening to us.We ourself are responsible for everything which occurs in our life.

So the conclusion is that God has created this nature and he has given life to us.And once we are born on this earth we have to understand and follow the right path suggested by our religious myth.And if we do this then Life is the most precious gift gifted by God and if we don't then it will be a worst curse through out our life.So we must understand this and do what is right and avoid what is wrong.This way we can make our life as a life on paradise and we will enjoy every moment of life.

For me, Life is a precious gift not beacuse I have achieved everything but because of infinite knowledge about life he has gifted me so that I can learn and understand what life is, how life should be and so on.So I am grateful to that almighty creature or God beacuse of whose grace I am able to write such meaningful and idealistic posts so that everyone can read and follow in their life too.

So dear friends and viewers read this post and let me know if it was helpful to you in some ways.I will be a happy man if my posts are helpful for everyone.